The links in the description of this video are to THE LAW OF THE LAND HANDBOOK, ORDER OF EVENTS FOR NEIGHBORHOODS TRANSITIONING TO NATURAL LAW, NEIGHBORHOOD EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN TEMPLATE. I have the paperback but these are all free pdfs anyone can use and make copies; use POWER OF EIGHT, or communities of interest defined by determining if your neighborhood had to share a party line phone WHO IS ON THE LINE WITH YOU?

You may already be employing these templates she put together with a legion of experts guiding her. But it has to be spread locally. The Logos...spread by the Word.


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This is soooo good. This intelligent, proactive gameplan for patriots supplements the Cutler and Flynn 5GW book I’m reading with my parents and BF. Let’s teach this in schools. WWG1WGA THANK YOU!

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What you have described is how the entire system regarding the illegal aliens (tactfully addressed as immigrants) has been infiltrated and corrupted so that the US actually is ‘working’ with the criminal cabals to engage in, actively support, and immensely profit from the most notorious criminal child trafficking organization in human history! From the open border to each and every federal agency listed we see complicity by our government in the worlds greatest crimes. Close the borders to all entries until ‘we the people’ can abolish this deliberately orchestrated global criminal regime.

Wonderfully written and researched work accomplished here. Thank you!! Save it all for the rebuilding in accordance to the Constitution. We can use it to build criminal cases as well against those participating in this evil.

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Interesting. I’ve been arguing against people who are against all forms of “government” (civilization of any sort) who viciously attack me for wanting to get to REAL and verifiable elections. They claim my “involvement” in government affairs at all, even voting, is “the problem.”

I say the price of freedom is constant vigilance, and that without a structure in place (of our making) with which to protect our rights, we’re left with a “Mad Max” world where only bullies with more guns have any “rights.”

The “run and hide” (from government) theory is absurd. There are people claiming that the act of voting is “the problem.” and their only “solution” is to simply stop voting. As if this will cause the demons to say “Wow. Voter turnout was very low. I guess we must stop with our evil plans.;-)

Although it’s an uphill battle, given how far we’ve let it slip, we must get control of our government by taking back our elections. And yes, we must vote. It nobody (who cares what happens) votes, it’s only that much harder to prove it was rigged.

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